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Simple Life Chiropractic Reviews

At Simple Life Chiropractic we value what our patients have to say! Dr. Jeremy invites you read our reviews and then call us to schedule an appointment!

  • Very friendly and professional staff…and a cool facility with multiple preventative treatment methods/exercises in addition to everyone’s favorite snap, crackle, pop by the Doc!

    - Greg W.
  • Everyone is so friendly and very professional.

    - Norma H.
  • They were awesome!

    - Marianne H.
  • Great experience and can’t wait to come back!

    - Ashlyn P.
  • Looking forward to following visits so I can get back on the road to wellness.

    - Anne M.
  • Thank you for taking the time to listen, hear me and work with me towards a plan of action!

    - Cristina S.
  • Was very attentive and understanding of what I was saying.

    - Judy R.
  • Excellent experience!

    - Jaqueline H.
  • You all are fantastic! Customer service is off the charts!!!

    - Peggy L.
  • Dr realized I was in pain and fit me in to his busy schedule. Awesome!

    - Lisa B.
  • Very professional and thorough. Left feeling confident in the care that I will receive. Office was very nicely kept and equipped.

    - Gary B.
  • This was my first ever experience with chiropractic medicine. Everyone was kind, responsive, and left me feeling confident in my health plan moving forward. I can’t wait till my next appointment.

    - Steve P.
  • It was a great experience!

    - Carmen S.
  • The staff was awesome. Doc spent time with myself and my wife as he explained my nervous system and then he explained the road we were going to take to get my nerves in line. After 5 back surgery’s and years of pain I finally feel like Doc really wants to help. It’s like being with a family that cares for your well-being. Thanks Doc.

    - Kent A.
  • Can’t wait for my test results and first adjustment!

    - Dawn D.
  • Amazing staff!

    - Brandi B.
  • Dr. Jeremy was outstanding and the patient technology evaluations were impressive! Thank you for your time!

    - Sheila M.
  • My first visit I lost 1 3/4 in. I look forward to returning and losing this mom belly!

    - Britney K.
  • Missy was professional and helpful Dr. Jeremy was amazing – I felt like he genuinely cared about my situation and was compassionate I am looking forward to my visits and feeling better!

    - Pam M.
  • Absolutely the best! I was a bit nervous about going in but everything was explained clearly. I feel 1000 times better!

    - Iliana P.
  • I was made very comfortable.

    - Donna A.

I liked that the chiropractor sat down with me for a one on one discussion. He actually read the patient information sheets that I filled out and was familiar with them before he saw me. Very professional yet personal.
Harlan H.

Successfully Flipped My Breech Baby

“I began seeing Dr. Jeremy when I was 34 weeks pregnant. We knew that our baby was in an extended frank breech position for most of my pregnancy, and I was concerned that he would not flip in time for a natural vaginal delivery. Dr. Jeremy performed the Webster technique on me two times, and within a week I was feeling a lot more movement where I hadn’t previously been feeling any movement.

At that time I stopped all attempts at trying to flip him because I felt like he had already flipped. A week later we confirmed through ultrasound that indeed he had flipped into the head down posterior position! I’m so thankful to have found Dr. Jeremy and Simple Life Chiropractic, and I truly believe his services were instrumental in helping my baby get into the right position.”

– Jamie S.

Fibromyalgia Relief

In March of 2017 I went to the hospital not being able to walk, all feelings in my legs had disappeared and after 2 weeks I was sent home with no answers. After dealing with the hospital and therapy for another month I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and started seeing a neurologist for treatment plans. I was on 4 medications and nothing seemed to help with the pain or the feelings in my legs.

I soon started taking a new vitamin and getting under chiropractic care with Dr. Jeremy de los Santos, I am glad to say that I am now down to 2 medications and vitamins daily. I have been seeing Dr. Jeremy de los Santos for 3 weeks and in this time I have started to feel so much better as a person and I able to function. After 5 years of being at home I am now back at work and loving it. I have slept better in the last 3 weeks than I have in years. Thank you Simple Life Chiropractic for helping me find my-self again.

– Amanda C.

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