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Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression

What Is It?

If you’ve been diagnosed with slipped, bulging or herniated discs or degenerative disc disease, the cushioning around certain vertebrae has diminished. This means the bones of the spine are putting pressure on nerves in the area, resulting in pain that is often quite severe.

The condition can become irreversible if left untreated. At Simple Life Chiropractic, our goal is to help patients avoid surgery and get their lives back, using our state-of-the-art spinal decompression therapy.

Spinal decompression works by slowly stretching your spine and then releasing it. This process creates “imbibition” or rehydration of the disc. When the disc is properly hydrated, the space between the joints opens up and reduces pressure on the nerves. Pain is reduced or even eliminated over time. The benefits are enhanced when spinal decompression is combined with chiropractic adjustments.

Our Advanced Technology

Our spinal decompression table uses the most advanced technology available. With different settings and angles of pull, we can create the same amount of stretch in the spine using less force than other types of tables. This high-tech table can be shaped to fit your body, rather than expecting all bodies to fit the table.

Patients generally aren’t sore after our treatments, which is not true of other tables.

First Hand Experience

Dr. Jeremy sustained a major injury when his back gave out while powerlifting. Determined to avoid surgery, he received spinal decompression therapy three times a week for four months. The therapy was successful, but painful. Dr. Jeremy knew that many patients would not be able or willing to withstand such forceful therapy, so he began a search for newer and better technology.

We have a success rate of over 90% with our gentle, high-tech spinal decompression therapy that addresses the root cause of your disc issue.

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