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Montgomery Chiropractor for Family Wellness

There is Hope at Simple Life Chiropractic

Montgomery Chiropractor Dr. Jeremy de los Santos offers state-of-the-art wellness optimization, with special consideration given to pediatric chiropractic care. His mission at Simple Life Chiropractic is to help his practice members express their best life. This can include a busy mom struggling with the agony of migraine headaches, the family breadwinner in too much pain to work, or the athlete hoping to improve their sports performance. We’re all about focusing on the wellness, happiness and vitality of families.

Simplicity and Transparency

Our chiropractic care center has been described as warm and inviting, friendly and open. We strive to bring our practice members simplicity in an often-chaotic world, and pair that with a transparency that has brought us a loyal following in our community.

We cater to families in our patient-centered office. We go out of our way to provide an atmosphere of comfort and compassion, while still featuring cutting-edge diagnostic nerve scan technology and research-based chiropractic techniques.