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Foot pain

What Is It?

Peripheral neuropathy refers to damage or dysfunction in nerves that go into the hands or feet. This damage results in numbness, tingling, muscle weakness, pain or burning. There are over 100 reasons for neuropathy. The longer the condition remains untreated, the more nerve damage occurs. If nerve damage exceeds 85%, the condition often becomes irreversible.

A Passion for Neuropathy Care

At Simple Life Chiropractic, we are passionate about providing patients with the most effective neuropathy care available. Dr. Jeremy’s close relative developed neuropathy due to diabetes. Unfortunately, he became a double-amputee before the age of fifty.

Saddened that he didn’t know about his relative’s condition until after the surgeries, Dr. Jeremy wanted to help others avoid a similar fate. Now board certified in Neuropathy and Chronic and Intractable Pain by the American College of Physical Medicine, he has a 90% success rate in helping patients with neuropathy.

Our Three-Pronged Approach

Most neuropathy care focuses only on the area where the symptoms are present—generally, the hands or the feet. This is like treating a sick plant by looking only at the leaves, and ignoring the roots. We offer a three-pronged holistic approach that addresses the:

  • Root of the nerve, where it exits the spine
  • Issues in the hands or feet
  • Underlying metabolic issues

At your first visit, Dr. Jeremy will determine if your condition is neuropathy or a different spinal nerve issue. If it’s neuropathy, we’ll conduct a 10-point detailed evaluation of your feet, your hands or both, depending on your situation. At your next visit, you’ll watch our seminar on neuropathy. Then we’ll explain the results of your exams and let you know how much nerve damage you have. We’ll also explain how long it will take for symptoms to improve and health to return.

Our individualized care plan includes nutrition, supplementation, laser therapy and electro-regenerative therapy. Electro-regenerative therapy is cutting-edge technology that re-energizes nerves and helps them heal.

Learn More Today

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